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Welcome to Salton Sea Sound System, a vinyl focused independent record label based in San Diego, CA. Started in 2022 as a subsidiary of Fuzz Coffee and Records, we strive to highlight and promote musical consumption via tangible mediums. The label works with artists of various genres that exhibit spunk and originality. All releases are pressed to vinyl in exclusive variants and limited quantities. We do this because we believe that vinyl encourages thoughtful and fruitful listening experiences unique to the format. 




S4-103: 'Arc' - Hibou

Hibou is the indie dream-pop solo project from Paris based Peter Michel. His latest release ‘Arc’ delivers 5 strong numbers of ethereal pop bliss. Self-engineered, self-produced, and solely performed by Michel save the drums provided by Jase Ihler; the project is a labor of love. 

Within seconds the opener “Night Fell” immerses listeners into a sonic palette of comforting textures and pulsing rhythm that consistently carries throughout the record. The drums pulse and push without being overpowering. Michel’s vocals function as a wonderful texture that blends beautifully with the instruments while still providing clarity in key moments  to allow the songs to shine melodically.  Standout track “Upon The Clouds You Weep”, features a thunderous drum performance from Ihler supporting a wall of lush distortion and glittery vocals from Michel. "Already Forgotten" closes out the record in synth driven, heartfelt melancholy. The lyric is a beautifully written and leaves one with a cathartic resolve. Michel notably sings: “I should've known, forever won't take too long. Tomorrow's almost gone. Already forgotten”. 

We are honored to be the first to present this release to you in the vinyl format. Enjoy.



S4-104: Sticky Thumb by Hether 

Hether is the solo project of Paul Castelluzo, a notably well versed multi-instrumentalist with a serious knack for writing and recording music in earnest. Having spent years as a successful hired player, Castelluzo begin Hether as an escape from the stifling nature of gigging for a living. His drive and passion for creativity and openness to learning from the greats that have come before is evident in the quality of his work. 

“Sticky Thumb” is a raw snapshot of an artist following natural musical intuition and beauty. The ep is comprised of 8 strong numbers showcasing a unique voice channeling the likes of T-Rex, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and the Beach Boys. Castelluzo artfully borrows heavily from his influences while wholeheartedly making each statement his own. Sun-Soaked “Sex Wax” is full of adolescent energy and infectious groove and melody. “Oidar” again delivers a fantastic rhythm section, clever production, strong melodic movement, and effortless vocal delivery. A notable favorite “Highbrid” reimagines a nostalgically beautiful and melancholy version of “Hybrid Moments” by the Misfits. We couldn’t be happier to present this record to you in the vinyl format for the first time. Enjoy. 


S4-102 : “Vultures”, the ambitious debut full length from San Diego’s Lead Pony.

Established in 2016  by founding members Jesse Hoftsee, Dylan Stallard and Hillary Laughery, the group has paid their dues releasing two strong eps and consistently performing throughout the region. Joined by bassist Seancarlo Ohlin in the summer of 22, the band connected with Producer / Engineer Trevor Spencer to begin the tracking process for what would become “Vultures”.  Pulling influences from Iggy Pop, to Nick Cave, to Father John Misty, the Ponies push a unique sound that has truly come into its own with this first full length release. Tracks like “Veins” and “In The City” pulse and groove with an array of fuzzy textures and tasteful production. “Strangers” delivers a  heavy dose of summer fun, nostalgia, and melancholy that lingers when the track is over.  Our favorite number on the record “Pavement”, encapsulates the essence and statement of the “Vultures”, to  see the truth and faults in what is and what has been to move on to bigger and better things. Don’t miss out on this special release. 


S4-101 : An exclusive candy splatter variant of the 2016 record, “666” by the ineffable "Sugar Candy Mountain”; featuring a beautiful yet to be pressed bonus track.

 Established in 2010, the Oakland based duo comprised of Ash Reiter and Will Halsey is a force to be reckoned with. With four full length albums of consistently strong material under their belt, the group has built a formidable presence by delivering a sound that feels both temporal and timeless. Elements of 60s psychedelia and lo-fi pop blend together to create a truly immersive listening experience. Simple, yet tasteful grooves lay a strong foundation for a wall of lush synths, catchy guitars, and infectious vocal melodies. Dive into this sun-soaked acid trip. It’s a real treat. 



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