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Sleepy Pearls - "That's The Spirit" Green Pearl Vinyl

Sleepy Pearls - "That's The Spirit" Green Pearl Vinyl


Green Pearl Vinyl 

Limited to 200 copies


For this iteration we are proud to present the debut vinyl release of “That’s The Spirit” by San Diego’s Sleepy Pearls. This collection of 7 numbers features a handful of singles released to date in addition to the vinyl exclusive, “Angel”.  Led by Violette Larsen and Brendan Michie, the group channels a soulful combination of California beach music and western folk from the fifties and sixties. Recorded to two inch tape by producer Jordan Andersen, fantastic production and engineering throughout properly showcase the power of the duo’s writing and Larsen’s strong vocal performances. Simple but and tasteful grooves from the rhythm section lay foundation throughout for articulate guitar melodies, lush synths and glossy vocals to float atop. ‘Dreamwaver’ and title track ‘That’s the Spirit’ close out the record in a dreamlike bed of strings, omni-chords, and beautifully heartfelt lyric and melody. The sequencing of the record listens like a carefully constructed full length record meant to be listened to in the vinyl format start to finish. Dig deep, close your eyes, and really listen to this one; we promise you’ll be rewarded.




Side A:
1. If I Thought About It
2. Angel
3. San Francisco
4. Pardon Me

Side B:
5. The Water Song
6. Dreamweaver
7. That's The Spirit 


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