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The V60 is a dependable and affordable workhorse that is the general go to for us when slingin hand brews. It’s conical shape and large drip hole allows for tons of versatility in terms of recipe and pour structure. We find cups from this method highlight acidity, complexity, and structure. 

Temp: 202-208. 

Grind: Medium Fine. 

Baratza Encore@ 12-15

Ode @ 1-3

Recipe: 22g in | 350g out

 50g circle pour  - :30

150g (50g center | 50g circle) - 1:00

250g (50g center | 50g circle) - 1:15

350g (50g center | 50g circle) - 230-3:00 


The stagg dripper with it’s vacuum insulation and steep design offers fantastic heat retention, high extraction, and consistently sweet cups with minimal effort. 

Temp: 200-208

Grind: Medium Fine

Baratza Encore@ 10-13

Ode@ 1-2

Recipe: 22g in | 350g out

50g circle pour - :30

150g (100g center) - 1:00

250g (50g circle | 50g center) - 1:15

350g (50g circle | 50g center) - 2:15 -2:45


This beautiful brewer designed by the fine folks of April Coffee out of Copenhagen delivers a balanced cup with tons of sweetness and clarity. It has become a go to in the Fuzzy world of homebrewing. 

Grind: Medium - Medium Fine

Baratza Encore@ 12-15

Ode @2-3

Recipe: 15g in | 250g out

Temp: 202-205

50g circle pour - :40

150g (50g circle | 50g center) - 1:15

250g (50g circle | 50g center) - 2:15 - 3:00