Batch Brew

Whether you’re brewing with a trusty Mr. Coffee or a snazzy Moccamaster, sometimes there’s nothing better than a simple fresh pot. 

Servings: 3-4

Grind: Medium - Medium Coarse

Baratza: 16-20

Ode: 5-8

Ratio: 60 grams of coffee / Liter of water

  • Grind bean, load basket, initiate brew cycle, let the party begin. 


Similar to the V60, the Chemex is great for tasting nuance in coffee. Its thick filters produce tons of clarity and its larger size makes it perfect for sharing. 

Servings: 1-2

Water Temperature: 200-208

Grind - Medium - Medium Fine

Recipe: 30g in  | 500g out

  • Pour to 100 grams. Swirl. 
  • At 40 seconds pour to 300 grams 
  • At 1:20 pour to 400 grams
  • At 2:00 pour to 500 grams

Total Brew Time: 3:30 - 4:30


The V60 is a dependable and affordable workhorse that is the general go to for us when slingin hand brews. It’s conical shape and large drip hole allows for tons of versatility in terms of recipe and pour structure. We find cups from this method highlight acidity, complexity, and structure. 

Servings: 1

Water Temperature: 200-208. 

Grind: Medium Fine

Baratza: 12-15

Ode: 4-6

Recipe: 15g in | 250g out

  • Pour 50 grams. Swirl 
  • At 40 seconds pour to 150 grams
  • At 1:15 to 250 grams. Swirl. 

Total Brew Time: 2:30-3:00


This flat bottom brewer designed by the fine folks of April Coffee out of Copenhagen delivers a balanced cup with tons of sweetness and clarity. It has become a go to in the Fuzzy world of homebrewing. 

Servings: 1

Water Temperature: 200-208

Grind: Medium - Medium Fine

Baratza Encore@ 12-15

Ode @4-6

Recipe: 16g in | 240g out

  • Pour to 80g
  • At 30 seconds pour to 160g
  • At 1:00 pour to 240g

Total Brew Time: 2:30-3:00