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J. Hofstee - "There You Are" Vinyl

J. Hofstee - "There You Are" Vinyl



We are proud to present the debut full length record “There You Are” from San Diego singer-songwriter J. Hofstee.

The 12 song album is both an exploration and declaration of self. From track to track Hofstee presents a duality of composed confidence and a desperation for something beyond. Layers of production comprised of ambient sounds, tape machines, drum loops and ever changing vocal effects lay an exploratory and introspective foundation that carries throughout the record. Songs transition from heavy drums & fuzzed out guitars to soft spiritual acoustic compositions reflecting on the beautiful and challenging moments of life’s ever-changing seasons.



1.  Headroom

2. Smile

3. It Was There

4. There You Are

5. Believe

6. Different Lives

7. Take Me

8. Worlds Asleep

9. Free

10. All Life

11. Run 

12. There You Are (Reprise)

"Lollipop Red"  - Limited to 200 copies

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