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    Hibou is the indie dream-pop solo project from Paris based Peter Michel. His latest release ‘Arc’ delivers 5 strong numbers of ethereal pop bliss. Self-engineered, self-produced, and solely performed by Michel save the drums provided by Jase Ihler; the project is a labor of love. 

    Within seconds the opener “Night Fell” immerses listeners into a sonic palette of comforting textures and pulsing rhythm that consistently carries throughout the record. The drums pulse and push without being overpowering. Michel’s vocals function as a wonderful texture that blends beautifully with the instruments while still providing clarity in key moments  to allow the songs to shine melodically.  Standout track “Upon The Clouds You Weep”, features a thunderous drum performance from Ihler supporting a wall of lush distortion and glittery vocals from Michel. ‘Already Forgotten’ closes out the record in synth driven, heartfelt melancholy. The lyric is a beautifully written and leaves one with a cathartic resolve. Michel notably sings: “I should've known, forever won't take too long. Tomorrow's almost gone. Already forgotten”. 

    We are honored to be the first to present this release to you in the vinyl format. Enjoy



    1. Night Fell

    2. June

    3. Upon The Clouds You Weep

    4. Devilry

    5. Already Forgotten


    140g Vinyl. White Cloud - Limited to 200 copies

    140g Vinyl. Narutomaki - Limited to 100 copies