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S4-104 | Hether - 'Sticky Thumb' Vinyl

S4-104 | Hether - 'Sticky Thumb' Vinyl


Hether is the solo project of Paul Castelluzo, a notably well versed multi-instrumentalist with a serious knack for writing and recording music in earnest. 

“Sticky Thumb” delivers 8 strong numbers channeling the likes of T-Rex, Lou Reed, and the Beach Boys. Castelluzo artfully borrows from his influences while wholeheartedly making each statement his own. Sun-Soaked “Sex Wax” is full of adolescent energy and infectious groove and melody. “Oidar” again delivers a fantastic rhythm section, clever production, strong melodic movement, and effortless vocal delivery. A notable favorite “Highbrid” reimagines a nostalgically beautiful melancholy version of “Hybrid Moments” by the Misfits. We couldn’t be happier to present this record to you in the vinyl format for the first time. Enjoy. 



1. When U Loved Me (acoustic)

2. Twinkle

3. Sticky Thumb

4. Sex Wax

5. Morning Bells

6. Oidar

7. Highbrid

8. Feel It Again


140g Vinyl. Sticky Splatter - Limited to 200 copies

140g Vinyl. Nuclear Poke Ball - Limited to 100 copies
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