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The Mattson 2 - 'Bohsheekwo' Coffee + Record Bundle

The Mattson 2 - 'Bohsheekwo' Coffee + Record Bundle


We are ecstatic to present our 14th installation of the Fuzz Artist Series; a recurring, collaborative project highlighting exceptional coffees and unique creatives.

This iteration we’re pleased to team up with The Mattson 2, a Southern California Jazz Duo comprised of identical twins Jared & Jonathan Mattson. Channeling the likes of Coltrane, Flying Lotus, and Danger Mouse; the band delivers a vast catalog of sound steeped in lush textures, warm crackle, and intricate rhythms.

The group’s 2022 full length ‘Bohsheekwo’ presents 10 tracks of surreal production and expansive performance. Tracks such as “C’est La Vie”, “Monsters”, and “Addiction” lay foundations of unhinged groove that pulse with urgency and tension. Haunting vocal delivery and psyched out atmospheric guitars and keys add immersive counterweight that glue the work together. Interlude tracks “Happy Hill” and “Hayama Rain” contribute peaceful, sonic palette cleansers that brace listeners for what’s to come next.

Standout title “Spiritual Things” spends 7 minutes weaving in and out of explorative performance and melody perfectly setting the stage for the properly titled closer; “Beach Trance”. Acoustic guitar strums candidly atop lush tropical guitar and soundscapes leaving listeners with a sense of calm and relief. We’re so pleased to offer this exclusive “Monochrome Swirl” variant of a record that is sure to stand the test of time in any record collection. 

For the coffee, we've sourced a full bodied, easy drinking washed Guatemala. Expect rich flavors and decadent flavors of nutella and chocolate truffle accented by subtle notes of berry. We feel this comfort in a cup coffee pairs wonderfully with the record. 

Sip 'n' listen with us. 

'Bohsheekwo’ Coffee

Region: Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Farm: Los Dos Socios 

Tasting Notes: Nutella, Chocolate Truffle, Mixed Berries

Process: Washed

Variety: Caturra

Altitude: 1700 masl

Whole Bean Coffee


140g Vinyl. "Monochrome Swirl"  - Limited to 500 copies

We roast weekly on Wednesdays. 
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