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'Polygondwanaland' | King Gizzard X Fuzz

'Polygondwanaland' | King Gizzard X Fuzz

We are ecstatic to present our 13th installation of the Fuzz Artist Series; a recurring, collaborative project highlighting exceptional coffees and unique creatives.

This iteration we’re pleased to team up with King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, a band of eclectic psych-rock juggernauts that continually deliver albums that push the envelope. As part of the band’s bootlegger series in which the group gives the public free rein to release selected works, we've paired a show stopper of a coffee with a Salton-Sea Exclusive pressing of  their standout record "Polygondwanaland" . 

The group’s 12th studio album and the fourth of five albums released in 2017 alone, is arguably one of their finest works. The record takes listeners on a cerebral 45 minute journey compromised of astonishing instrumentation, expansive production, and beautifully creative storytelling. This is album is truly meant to be listened to from start to finish and we say this with confidence, that once it starts, you won’t want it to stop.

For the coffee we've sourced an extremely unique Natural Burundi exhibiting seriously complex sweetness, funky fruits, and a decadent creamy body. 


Region: Kayanza, Burundi

Tasting Notes - Blueberry, Dried Fig, Fruit Tea

Process: Natural

Varietal: Bourbon

Altitude: 1800 masl

Whole Bean Coffee



Notes from the importer (Coffee Shrub): 
Gahahe Station is a coffee cherry collection site located in Kayanza, Burundi's northern province that borders neighboring Rwanda. Farmers grow mostly older bourbon types, the original coffee cultivar introduced to the area in the 1930s by Catholic monks traveling from the island of Reunion. Gahehe sits at just over 1800 meters above sea level and is a collection site for roughly 600 local farmers who are also coop members. As members, they are organized into small groups who receive training in best agricultural practices, seedlings to continue to help increase coffee production, and benefit from access to the global specialty coffee market. Gahahe was built in the mid 1980s, a time when the World Bank was investing heavily in Burundi's coffee sector, building out washing stations like this one to serve the surrounding coffee communities, outfitted with a eco-pulping Penagos for processing coffee cherry. More recently they've come under the direction of a Burundi coffee investment group who are able to offer this coffee, as well as a few others we've purchased (Yandaro, and Kibingo to name a couple), agronomical assistance to station members, regular maintenance of washing station equipment and drying beds, and management teams who follow the coffee deliveries from cherry selection, to keeping lots separated by quality tiers. Since partnering with this group, several of the stations have seen top placement in Burundi coffee competitions, including Gahahe placing 4th in the 2015 Burundi CoE, and 7th the year prior. 

We roast weekly on Wednesdays 

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