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    We are ecstatic to present our 8th installation of the Fuzz Artist Series; a recurring, collaborative project highlighting exceptional coffees and unique creatives. 

    This iteration we’re honored to team up with the incredible Kikagaku Moyo to celebrate their fifth and final studio album, “Kuymoyo Island”.  The Tokyo originating, Amsterdam based quintet delivers a compact package of 11 expansive tunes brimming with innovative playing and unique production. Kuymoyo Island is both an amalgamation of their previous works and a pinnacle moment of musical exploration that will leave any fan of the band feeling satisfied. The groups ability to effortlessly transition from rhythmic, psychedelic jam sections to delicate, ethereal soundscapes makes for a listening experience that truly beckons you to go deep.  

    For the coffee, we’ve sourced a wonderfully complex and memorable washed Burundi. In the cup you’ll find notable amounts of jammy fruits, honey sweetness, and aromatic florals. It’s a slow sipper that we feel pairs perfectly with the record. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime combination of the senses. Cue the wax, heat the kettle, and Sip ’n’ Listen with us. 

    Region - Burundi, Kayanza

    Farm - Gahahe

    Process: Washed

    Tasting Notes - Apricot Jam, Honey, Floral


    Whole Bean Coffee



    12" Kumoyo Island Vinyl Record


    We roast weekly on Wednesdays